Any Vehicle, Any Suspension, Any Alignment

It's not rocket science and it doesn't take specialized computer guided alignment equipment to align a vehicle. It takes experience. Period. That experience begins with a deep understanding of steering geometry, suspension design, and mechanics and it's nothing a computer can teach a young technician.

All our technicians are trained on the fundamentals without a computer to hold their hand. They learn to use hand held guages, trams and slip plates and not rely on red and green arrows to tell them when an alignment is right. They've learned from one of the best alignment guys around, Dick Lorntson.

If it rolls on wheels, we can align it. From 1909 antique cars, vintage and muscle cars, pro and street race cars, performance suspensions, electronic suspensions, to heavy trucks, boat and travel trailers and RV's; we can do it all.

An Industry Leader in RV Suspension Tuning

Precision Frame & Alignment, Inc. has been an industry leader in the RV suspension, alignment and tire business since 1993.

We are known worldwide for our work in the RV suspension and driveability industry, counting as customers RV owners from Europe, Sweden and Canada as well as dozens of out of state owners. It is not unusual for us to have a dozen or more coaches at our shop on any given workday.

If you are interested in learning more about the RV suspension upgrades we offer, take a spin through our E-store. You can use the "Build Your own Ride" (BYOR) tool to figure out what your rig may need.

New this year is the Upper Midwest Maintenance Rally. Travel as a group to our location and arrive Tuesday evening for parking. Wednesday through Saturday are service days. Attendees can enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful Upper Midwest while your RV and Towed vehicle or trailer is professionally serviced at our nationally renowned facility. Groups of 10 or more will also enjoy two seminars and an ice cream social. Click here to learn more about this exciting concept.

We love to get feedback from our customers and share it with others. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and a quality repair. If you have had service at our facility, we invite you to comment on your experience before during and after visiting our shop. Please submit your comments HERE

Precision Frame is now a member of the Bridgestone National Preferred program!

All Bridgestone RV and truck tires are available at a reduced cost. Please contact us for a quote.